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Rapid Access Expansion (RAcE) of integrated Community Case Management of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea
Lessons from the integrated community case management (iCCM) Rapid Access Expansion Program
Salim Sadruddin, Franco Pagnoni, Gunther Baugh
JOGH 2019; 9: 020101 (3 pages)
 Full Text - PDF |   [Online Publication Date: 27 July 2019]
Evidence of Impact: iCCM as a strategy to save lives of children under five
Debra Prosnitz, Samantha Herrera, Helen Coelho, Lwendo Moonzwe Davis, Kirsten Zalisk, Jennifer Yourkavitch
JOGH 2019; 9: 010801 (10 pages)
Integrated community case management: planning for sustainability in five African countries
Jennifer Yourkavitch, Lwendo Moonzwe Davis, Reeti Hobson, Sharon Arscott-Mills, Daniel Anson, Gunther Baugh, Salim Sadruddin, Jean-Caurent Mantshumba, Bacary Sambou, Jean Tony Bakukulu, Pascal Ngoy Leya, Misheck Luhanga, Leslie Mgalula, Gomezgani Jenda, Humphreys Nsona, Santos Alfredo Nassivila, Eva de Carvalho, Marla Smith, Moumouni Absi, Fatima Aboubakar, Aminata Tinni Konate, Mariam Wahab, Joy Ufere, Chinwoke Isiguzo, Lynda Ozor, Patrick B Gimba, Ibrahim Ndaliman
JOGH 2019; 9: 010802 (12 pages)
Effect of community-based intervention on improving access to treatment for sick under-five children in hard-to-reach communities in Niger State, Nigeria
Olusola Oresanya, Helen Counihan, Ibrahim Nndaliman, Ayodele Alegbeleye, Jonathan Jiya, Olatunde Adesoro, John Dada, Patrick Gimba, Lynda Ozor, Debra Prosnitz, Kolawole Maxwell
JOGH 2019; 9: 010803 (12 pages)
This collection also contains the following paper, published in the Journal of Global Health Reports (
Chinwoke Isiguzo, Samantha Herrera, Joy Ufere, Ugo Enebeli, Chukwuemeka Oluoha, Jennifer Anyanti, Debra Prosnitz. Improving access to appropriate case management for common childhood illnesses in hard-to-reach areas of Abia State, Nigeria. JoGHR 2019; 3; e2019030.
Community engagement and mobilisation of local resources to support integrated Community Case Management of childhood illnesses in Niger State, Nigeria
Ayodele Alegbeleye, John Dada, Olusola Oresanya, Jonathan Jiya, Helen Counihan, Patrick Gimba, Lynda Ozor, Kolawole Maxwel
JOGH 2019; 9: 010804 (11 pages)
iCCM data quality: an approach to assessing iCCM reporting systems and data quality in 5 African countries
Lwendo Moonzwe Davis, Kirsten Zalisk, Samantha Herrera, Debra Prosnitz, Helen Coelho, Jennifer Yourkavitch
JOGH 2019; 9: 010805 (11 pages)
Data quality assessments stimulate improvements to health management information systems: evidence from five African countries
Jennifer Yourkavitch, Debra Prosnitz, Samantha Herrera
JOGH 2019; 9: 010806 (7 pages)
Achievements and challenges of implementation in a mature iCCM programme: Malawi case study
Kirsten Zalisk, Tanya Guenther, Debra Prosnitz, Humphreys Nsona, Emmanuel Chimbalanga, Salim Sadruddin
JOGH 2019; 9: 010807 (12 pages)
Home visits by community health workers for pregnant mothers and newborns: coverage plateau in Malawi
Tanya Guenther, Humphreys Nsona, Regina Makuluni, Mike Chisema, Gomezgani Jenda, Emmanuel Chimbalanga, Salim Sadruddin
JOGH 2019; 9: 010808 (11 pages)
Barriers on the pathway to survival for children dying from treatable illnesses in Inhambane province, Mozambique
Karin Källander, Helen Counihan, Teresa Cerveau, Francisco Mbofana
JOGH 2019; 9: 010809 (14 pages)
Testing a simplified tool and training package to improve integrated Community Case Management in Tanganyika Province, Democratic Republic of Congo: a quasi-experimental study
Anne Langston, Alison Wittcoff, Pascal Ngoy, Jennifer O’Keefe, Naoko Kozuki, Hannah Taylor, Yolanda Barbera Lainez, Sambou Bacar
JOGH 2019; 9: 010810 (12 pages)
A mixed-methods quasi-experimental evaluation of a mobile health application and quality of care in the integrated community case management program in Malawi
Simone Peart Boyce, Florence Nyangara, Joy Kamunyori
JOGH 2019; 9: 010811 (13 pages)
Clinical evaluation of the use of an mhealth intervention on quality of care provided by Community Health Workers in southwest Niger
David Zakus, Moise Moussa, Mahamane Ezechiel, Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu, Patsy Orkar, Caroline Damecour, Annette E Ghee, Matthew MacFarlane, Grace Nganga
JOGH 2019; 9: 010812 (15 pages)

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