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Good medical practice in a time of chronic disease: time to retrace our steps?
Anand Bhopal
JOGH 2016; 6: 020301 (4 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 03 April 2016]
The return of the Traditional Birth Attendant
Karen Lane, Jayne Garrod
JOGH 2016; 6: 020302 (5 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 26 April 2016]
Strengthening paper health register systems: strategies from case studies in Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa and Uganda
Eva W Westley, Sharon A Greene, Gillian A M Tarr, Tove K Ryman, Sarah Skye Gilbert, Stephen E Hawes
JOGH 2016; 6: 020303 (5 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 21 March 2016]
Emergency medicine and global health policy: history and next steps
Stephen C. Morris
JOGH 2016; 6: 020304 (4 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 21 March 2016]
Shifting chronic disease management from hospitals to primary care in Estonian health system: analysis of national panel data
Rifat Atun, Ipek Gurol–Urganci, Thomas Hone, Lisa Pell, Jonathan Stokes, Triin Habicht, Kaija Lukka, Elin Raaper, Jarno Habicht
JOGH 2016; 6: 020401 (13 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 26 April 2016]

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