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Now is not the time for isolationism: integrating global citizenship into higher education for the good of global health
Lee Stoner, Zachary Y Kerr, Dianne S Ward
JOGH 2018; 8: 020301 (4 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 29 July 2018]
New forms of data for understanding low- and middle-income countries’ health inequalities: the case of Tanzania
John W Frank, Claudia Pagliari, Eveline Geubbels, Sally Mtenga
JOGH 2018; 8: 020302 (5 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 04 September 2018]
Artificial intelligence, machine learning and health systems
Trishan Panch, Peter Szolovits, Rifat Atun
JOGH 2018; 8: 020303 (8 pages)
Addressing the health of vulnerable populations: social inclusion and universal health coverage
Viroj Tangcharoensathien, Anne Mills, Maitreyi Bordia Das, Walaiporn Patcharanarumol, Monthian Buntan, Jeffery Johns
JOGH 2018; 8: 020304 (6 pages)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a disease of old age?
Esther A Boudewijns, Giridhara R Babu, Sundeep Salvi, Aziz Sheikh, Onno CP van Schayck
JOGH 2018; 8: 020306 (3 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 27 September 2018]
Building integrated data systems for health and nutrition program evaluations: lessons learned from a multi-country implementation of a DHIS 2-based system
Elizabeth Hazel, Emily Wilson, Adebusoye Anifalaje, Talata Sawadogo-Lewis, Rebecca Heidkamp
JOGH 2018; 8: 020307 (5 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 11 October 2018]
Towards universal health coverage and sustainable financing in Afghanistan: progress and challenges
Ariel Higgins-Steele, Farhad Farewar, Fazil Ahmad, Abdul Qadir, Karen Edmond
JOGH 2018; 8: 020308 (5 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 29 October 2018]
Health risks of Rohingya refugee population in Bangladesh: a call for global attention
Mohammad Mainul Islam, Tasmiah Nuzhath
JOGH 2018; 8: 020309 (4 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 07 November 2018]
African perspectives: modern complexities of emerging, re-emerging, and endemic zoonoses
Abdulazeez Muzemil, Olubunmi Gabriel Fasanmi, Folorunso Oludayo Fasina
JOGH 2018; 8: 020310 (6 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 25 October 2018]
Dengvaxia controversy: impact on vaccine hesitancy
Khunsha Fatima, Najah Irfan Syed
JOGH 2018; 8: 020312 (3 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 31 October 2018]
Maternal and perinatal adverse outcomes in women with pre-eclampsia cared for at facility-level in South Africa: a prospective cohort study
Hannah L Nathan, Paul T Seed, Natasha L Hezelgrave, Annemarie De Greeff, Elodie Lawley, Frances Conti-Ramsden, John Anthony, Wilhelm Steyn, David R Hall, Lucy C Chappell, Andrew H Shennan
JOGH 2018; 8: 020401 (10 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 29 July 2018]
Ineffective insurance in lower and middle income countries is an obstacle to universal health coverage
Abdulrahman M El-Sayed, Daniel Vail, Margaret E Kruk
JOGH 2018; 8: 020402 (10 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 29 July 2018]
Fifty years of primary health care in the rainforest: temporal trends in morbidity and mortality in indigenous Amerindian populations of Suriname
Marthelise GM Eersel, Stephen GS Vreden, Edward D van Eer, Dennis RA Mans
JOGH 2018; 8: 020403 (10 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 24 August 2018]
Definition and use of “valid” district level vaccination coverage to monitor Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) achievement: evidence for revisiting the district indicator
David W Brown
JOGH 2018; 8: 020404 (7 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 03 July 2018]
Association between life-course socio-economic status and prevalence of cardio-metabolic risk ractors in five middle-income countries
Kemi Ogunsina, Daniel T Dibaba, Tomi Akinyemiju
JOGH 2018; 8: 020405 (10 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 07 July 2018]
Impact of integrating a postpartum family planning program into a community-based maternal and newborn health program on birth spacing and preterm birth in rural Bangladesh
Abdullah H Baqui, Salahuddin Ahmed, Nazma Begum, Rasheda Khanam, Diwakar Mohan, Meagan Harrison, Ahmed al Kabir, Catharine McKaig, Neal Brandes, Maureen Norton, Saifuddin Ahmed; for the Projahnmo Study Group in Bangladesh
JOGH 2018; 8: 020406 (12 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 07 July 2018]
Hepatitis B prevalence, risk factors, infection awareness and disease knowledge among inmates: a cross-sectional study in Switzerland’s largest pre-trial prison
Laurent Gétaz, Alejandra Casillas, Claire-Anne Siegrist, François Chappuis, Giuseppe Togni, Nguyen-Toan Tran, Stéphanie Baggio, Francesco Negro, Jean-Michel Gaspoz, Hans Wolff
JOGH 2018; 8: 020407 (11 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 30 July 2018]
Impacts of adult illness on employment outcomes of rural households in India
Khurshid Alam, Andre Renzaho, Ajay Mahal
JOGH 2018; 8: 020408 (13 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 29 July 2018]
A systematic review of associations between non-communicable diseases and socioeconomic status within low- and lower-middle-income countries
Julianne Williams, Luke Allen, Kremlin Wickramasinghe, Bente Mikkelsen, Nia Roberts, Nick Townsend
JOGH 2018; 8: 020409 (25 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 30 July 2018]
Medical research productivity in the Arab countries: 2007-2016 bibliometric analysis
Rola El Rassi, Lokman I Meho, Acile Nahlawi, Johnny S Salameh, Ali Bazarbachi, Elie A Akl
JOGH 2018; 8: 020411 (10 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 07 November 2018]
Early experience of universal health coverage in Turkey on access to health services for the poor: regression kink design analysis
Abdullah Tirgil, Ipek Gurol-Urganci, Rifat Atun
JOGH 2018; 8: 020412 (9 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 19 September 2018]
Feasibility of engaging “Village Doctors” in the Community-based Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (C-IMCI): experience from rural Bangladesh
Sk Masum Billah, DM Emdadul Hoque, Muntasirur Rahman, Aliki Christou, Ngatho Samuel Mugo, Khadija Begum, Tazeen Tahsina, Qazi Sadeq-ur Rahman, Enayet K Chowdhury, Twaha Mansurun Haque, Rasheda Khan, Ashraf Siddik, Jennifer Bryce, Robert E Black, Shams El Arifeen
JOGH 2018; 8: 020413 (12 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 03 September 2018]
Quality of oxytocin ampoules available in health care facilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo: an exploratory study in five provinces
Peter Lambert, Tri-Hung Nguyen, Claire McEvoy, Rajpreet Singh Minhas, Philip Wright, Kim Deadman, Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu, Michelle P McIntosh
JOGH 2018; 8: 020415 (6 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 06 September 2018]
Analysis of results from the Joint External Evaluation: examining its strength and assessing for trends among participating countries
Vin Gupta, John D Kraemer, Rebecca Katz, Ashish K Jha, Vanessa B Kerry, Jussi Sane, Jukka Ollgren, Mika O Salminen
JOGH 2018; 8: 020416 (9 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 23 August 2018]
Non-technical health care quality and health system responsiveness in middle-income countries: a cross-sectional study in China, Ghana, India, Mexico, Russia, and South Africa
Pascal Geldsetzer, Annie Haakenstad, Erin Kinsella James, Rifat Atun
JOGH 2018; 8: 020417 (14 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 15 October 2018]
Improving Community Health Worker performance by using a personalised feedback dashboard for supervision: a randomised controlled trial
Caroline Whidden, Kassoum Kayentao, Jenny X Liu, Scott Lee, Youssouf Keita, Djoumé Diakité, Alexander Keita, Samba Diarra, Jacqueline Edwards, Amanda Yembrick, Isaac Holeman, Salif Samaké, Boureima Plea, Mama Coumaré, Ari D Johnson
JOGH 2018; 8: 020418 (13 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 27 September 2018]
Efforts to alter the trajectory of neonatal mortality in Malawi: evaluating relative effects of access to maternal care services and birth history risk factors
Bareng AS Nonyane, Emmanuel Chimbalanga
JOGH 2018; 8: 020419 (8 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 10 October 2018]
Newborn resuscitation in Gombe State, northeastern Nigeria
Josephine LR Exley, Nasir Umar, Sarah Moxon, Adamu Umar Usman, Tanya Marchant
JOGH 2018; 8: 020420 (7 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 29 October 2018]
Research Theme 1: Health Transitions in China
Socioeconomic status and self-reported, screen-detected and total diabetes prevalence in Chinese men and women in 2011-2012: a nationwide cross-sectional study
Hongjiang Wu,Caroline A Jackson, Sarah H Wild, Weiyan Jian, Jianqun Dong, Danijela Gasevic
JOGH 2018; 8: 020501 (9 pages)
Factors influencing the allocation of China’s development assistance for health
Yingxi Zhao, Kaci Kennedy, Kun Tang
JOGH 2018; 8: 020502 (10 pages)
Variations of dry eye disease prevalence by age, sex and geographic characteristics in China: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Peige Song, Wei Xia, Manli Wang, Xinlei Chang, Jingpin Wang, Shuai Jin, Jiawen Wang, Wei Wei, Igor Rudan
JOGH 2018; 8: 020503 (10 pages)
Factors of hospitalization expenditure of the genitourinary system diseases in the aged based on “System of Health Account 2011” and neural network model
Junlin He, Zhuo Yin, Wenjuan Duan, Yushan Wang, Xin Wang
JOGH 2018; 8: 020504 (10 pages)
Research Theme 2: Community Health in Emergencies
Community health workers during the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone
Nathan P Miller, Penelope Milsom, Ginger Johnson, Juliet Bedford, Aline Simen Kapeu, Abdoulaye Oumar Diallo, Kebir Hassen, Nuzhat Rafique, Kamrul Islam, Robert Camara, Joseph Kandeh, Chea Sanford Wesseh, Kumanan Rasanathan, Jerome Pfaffmann Zambruni, Heather Papowitz
JOGH 2018; 8: 020601 (17 pages)
The resilience of integrated community case management in acute emergency: a case study from Unity State, South Sudan
Naoko Kozuki, Katja Ericson, Bethany Marron, Yolanda Barbera Lainez, Nathan P Miller
JOGH 2018; 8: 020602 (12 pages)
Research Theme 3: Global Health Research Priorities
50 years of Iranian clinical, biomedical, and public health research: a bibliometric analysis of the Web of Science Core Collection (1965-2014)
Parisa Mansoori
JOGH 2018; 8: 020701 (15 pages)
Setting research priorities to achieve long-term health targets in Iran
Parisa Mansoori, Reza Majdzadeh, Zhaleh Abdi, Igor Rudan, Kit Yee Chan; The Iranian CHNRI Health Research Priority Setting Group; Mohsen Aarabi, Elham Ahmadnezhad, Shirin Ahmadnia, Shahin Akhondzadeh, Ali Azin, Fereidoun Azizi, Reza Dehnavieh, Hassan Eini-Zinab, Farshad Farzadfar, Mohammad Hosein Farzaei, Mostafa Ghanei, AliAkbar Haghdoost, Sedigheh Hantoushzadeh, Gholamreza Heydari, Hassan Joulaei, Naser Kalantari, Roya Kelishadi, Ardeshir Khosravi, Bagher Larijani, Amir Hossein Mahvi,, Ali Reza Massah Bavani, Alireza Mesdaghinia, Azarakhsh Mokri, Ali Montazeri, Ehsan Mostafavi, Seyed Abbas Motevalian, Kazem Naddafi,, Shekoufeh Nikfar, Seyed Ali Nojoumi, Maryam Noroozian, Alireza Olyaeemanesh,, Nasrin Omidvar, Abbas Ostadtaghizadeh, Farshad Pourmalek, Roja Rahimi, Afarin Rahimi-Movaghar, Arash Rashidian, Emran Razaghi, Homayoun Sadeghi-Bazargani, Gholamhosain Salehi Zalani, Hamid Soori, Jafar Sadegh Tabrizi, AbouAli Vedadhir,, Bahareh Yazdizadeh, Masud Yunesian, Mehdi Zare
JOGH 2018; 8: 020702 (12 pages)
Evolution of Iran’s health research system over the past 50 years: a narrative review
Parisa Mansoori
JOGH 2018; 8: 020703 (27 pages)
Identifying potential uses of crowdsourcing in global health, conflict, and humanitarian settings: an adapted CHNRI (Child Health and Nutrition Initiative) exercise
Kerri Wazny, Kit Yee Chan; Crowdsourcing CHNRI Collaborators
JOGH 2018; 8: 020704 (11 pages)
Research Theme 4: Improving Coverage Measurement
Why some mothers overestimate birth size and length of pregnancy in rural Nepal
Karen T Chang, Luke C Mullany, Subarna K Khatry,Steven C LeClerq, Melinda K Munos, Joanne Katz
JOGH 2018; 8: 020801 (10 pages)
Concordance between GPS-based smartphone app for continuous location tracking and mother’s recall of care-seeking for child illness in India
Siddhivinayak Hirve, Andrew Marsh, Pallavi Lele, Uddhavi Chavan, Tathagata Bhattacharjee, Harish Nair, Harry Campbell, Sanjay Juvekar
JOGH 2018; 8: 020802 (14 pages)
Linking household survey and health facility data for effective coverage measures: a comparison of ecological and individual linking methods using the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey in Côte d’Ivoire
Melinda K Munos, Abdoulaye Maiga, Mai Do, Glebelho Lazare Sika, Emily D Carter, Rosine Mosso, Abdul Dosso, Alejandra Leyton, Shane M Khan
JOGH 2018; 8: 020803 (16 pages)
Validation studies for population-based intervention coverage indicators: design, analysis, and interpretation
Melinda K Munos, Ann K Blanc, Emily D Carter, Thomas P Eisele, Steve Gesuale, Joanne Katz, Tanya Marchant, Cynthia K Stanton, Harry Campbell; for the Improving Coverage Measurement Group
JOGH 2018; 8: 020804 (11 pages)
Care seeking behaviour by caregivers and aspects of quality of care for children under five with and without pneumonia in Ibadan, Nigeria
Amir Kirolos, Adejumoke I Ayede, Linda J Williams, Kayode R Fowobaje, Harish Nair, Ayobami A Bakare, Oladapo B Oyewole, Shamim A Qazi, Harry Campbell, Adegoke G Falade
JOGH 2018; 8: 020805 (9 pages)
A prospective validation study in South-West Nigeria on caregiver report of childhood pneumonia and antibiotic treatment using Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) and Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) questions
Adejumoke I Ayede, Amir Kirolos, Kayode R Fowobaje, Linda J Williams, Ayobami A Bakare, Oladapo B Oyewole, Oluwaseun B Olorunfemi, Oluwaseun Kuna, Nkechi T Iwuala, Abolanle Oguntoye, Simeon O Kusoro, Mofeyisade E Okunlola, Shamim A Qazi, Harish Nair, Adegoke G Falade, Harry Campbell
JOGH 2018; 8: 020806 (11 pages)
Assessing the reactivity to mobile phones and repeated surveys on reported care-seeking for common childhood illnesses in rural India
Harish Nair, Linda J Williams, Andrew Marsh, Pallavi Lele, Tathagata Bhattacharjee, Uddhavi Chavan, Siddhivinayak Hirve, Harry Campbell, Sanjay Juvekar
JOGH 2018; 8: 020807 (6 pages)
Research Theme 5: Ending Mother to Child Transmission
Completeness of patient-held records: observations of the Road-to-Health Booklet from two national facility-based surveys at 6 weeks postpartum, South Africa
Trisha Ramraj, Ameena E Goga, Anna Larsen, Vundli Ramokolo, Sanjana Bhardwaj, Witness Chirinda, Debra Jackson, Duduzile Nsibande, Kassahun Ayalew, Yogan Pillay, Carl J Lombard, Nobubelo K Ngandu; for the South Africa PMTCT Evaluation (SAPMCTE) Team
JOGH 2018; 8: 00901 (13 pages)
Research Theme 7: Epidemiology of non-communicable causes of child deaths
Global and regional estimates of the morbidity due to type I diabetes among children aged 0-4 years: a systematic review and analysis
Davies Adeloye, Kit Yee Chan, Natasha Thorley, Charlotte Jones, David Johnstone1, Ari L'Heveder, Vanja Saftic, David Henderson, Mickey Chopra, Harry Campbell, Igor Rudan
JOGH 2018; 8: 021101 (11 pages)
Health Care Workers in the setting of the “Arab Spring”: a scoping review for the Lancet-AUB Commission on Syria
Lama Bou-Karroum, Karim N Daou, Mohamed Nomier, Nour El Arnaout, Fouad M Fouad, Fadi El-Jardali, Elie A Akl
JOGH 2019; 9: 010402 (11 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material  [Online Publication Date: 29 October 2018]
Association between availability of children’s book and the literacy-numeracy skills of children aged 36 to 59 months: secondary analysis of the UNICEF Multiple-Indicator Cluster Surveys covering 35 countries
Alexander Manu, Fernanda Ewerling, Aluisio JD Barros, Cesar G Victora
JOGH 2019; 9: 010403 (11 pages)
 Full Text - PDF  [Online Publication Date: 25 October 2018]

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