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2 year: 7.664 | 5 year: 7.127


Adrian P Mundt et al.

Adrian P Mundt1,2, Sabine Delhey Langerfeldt1, J Maphisa Maphisa3, Oumar Sourabié4, Blaise Nguendo Yongsi5, Enzo Rozas Serri2,6, Jean C Bukasa Tshilonda7, Jeronimo H Te8, Mary A Bitta9,10, Lipalesa Mathe11, Olive Liwimbi12, Palmira Fortunato dos Santos13, Olayinka Atilola14, Stefan Jansen15, Jean A Diegane Tine16, Clementina Akran17, Abdul Jalloh18,19, Ashraf Kagee20,21, Elizabeth S Van Wyk21, Jimmy B Forry22,23,24, Mwiya Liamunga Imasiku25, Handrick Chigiji26, Stefan Priebe27

| J Glob Health 2022;12:04054

Ainul NM Hanafiah et al.

Ainul NM Hanafiah1, Jens Aagaard-Hansen2,3, Julius CH Cheah4, Shane A Norris3, Zulkarnain BA Karim 1, Jutta KH Skau3, Zainudin M Ali5,6, Regien Biesma7, Priya Matzen8, Lokman H Sulaiman9,10, Mark Hanson11

| J Glob Health 2022;12:04053

Juliana Carvalho Ferreira et al.

Juliana Carvalho Ferreira1,2, Tiana C Lopes Moreira3,*, Adriana Ladeira de Araújo4,*, Marta Imamura5, Rodolfo F Damiano6, Michelle L Garcia1, Marcio VY Sawamura7, Fabio R Pinna8, Bruno F Guedes9, Fabio A Rodrigues Gonçalves10, Marcio Mancini11, Emmanuel A Burdmann12, Demóstenes Ferreira da Silva Filho13, Jefferson Lordello Polizel14, Ricardo F Bento8,15, Vanderson Rocha16, Ricardo Nitrini9, Heraldo Possolo de Souza17, Anna S Levin18, Esper G Kallas18, Orestes V Forlenza19, Geraldo F Busatto4,6, Linamara R Batistella5, Carlos R Ribeiro de Carvalho1, Thais Mauad3,†, Nelson Gouveia20,†; the HCFMUSP COVID-19 Study Group

| J Glob Health 2022;12:05029


Changes in rates of psychiatric beds and prison populations in sub-Saharan Africa from 1990 to 2020

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The global use of the International Classification of Diseases to Perinatal Mortality (ICD-PM): A systematic review

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The lag-effects of meteorological factors and air pollutants on child respiratory diseases in Fuzhou, China

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Timing of first bath in term healthy newborns: A systematic review