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2 year: 4.413 | 5 year: 5.197


Raghid Bsat et al.

Raghid Bsat1, Hiam Chemaitelly2,3, Peter Coyle4,5,6, Patrick Tang7, Mohammad R Hasan7, Zaina Al Kanaani4, Einas Al Kuwari4, Adeel A Butt4,12, Andrew Jeremijenko4, Anvar Hassan Kaleeckal4, Ali Nizar Latif4, Riyazuddin Mohammad Shaik4, Gheyath K Nasrallah5,8, Fatiha M Benslimane5,8, Hebah A Al Khatib5,8, Hadi M Yassine5,8, Mohamed G Al Kuwari9, Hamad Eid Al Romaihi10, Mohamed H Al-Thani10, Abdullatif Al Khal4, Roberto Bertollini10, Laith J Abu-Raddad2,3,11,12*, Houssein H Ayoub1*

Josephine Exley et al.

Josephine Exley1*, Prateek Anand Gupta2*, Joanna Schellenberg1, Kathleen L Strong3, Jennifer Harris Requejo4, Ann-Beth Moller5, Allisyn C Moran3, Tanya Marchant1; Child Health Accountability Tracking Technical Advisory Group (CHAT) and the Mother and Newborn Information for Tracking Outcomes and Results Technical Advisory Group (MoNITOR)

Elizabeth Wastnedge et al.

Elizabeth Wastnedge1*, Donald Waters1*, Sarah R Murray1, Brian McGowan1, Effie Chipeta2, Alinane Linda Nyondo-Mipando3, Luis Gadama4, Gladys Gadama4, Martha Masamba4, Monica Malata2, Frank Taulo4, Queen Dube5, Kondwani Kawaza5, Patricia Munthali Khomani6, Sonia Whyte1, Mia Crampin7, Bridget Freyne6,8, Jane E Norman9, Rebecca M Reynolds1, 10; DIPLOMATIC Collaboration


Point-of-care CD4 testing: Differentiated care for the most vulnerable


The prevalence of turnover intention and influencing factors among emergency physicians: A national observation


Teaching home-visitors to support responsive caregiving: A cluster randomized controlled trial of an online professional development program in Brazil


Early life migration and undernutrition among circular migrant children: An observational study in the brick kilns of Bihar, India


A comparative analysis of the epidemiology of influenza and respiratory syncytial virus in Russia, 2013/14 to 2018/19

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Characterizing the effective reproduction number during the COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from Qatar’s experience


Uncertainties in the path to 2030: Increasing trends of under-five mortality in the aftermath of Millennium Development Goal in Eastern Ethiopia


A rapid systematic review and evidence synthesis of effective coverage measures and cascades for childbirth, newborn and child health in low- and middle-income countries


Community mobilization to strengthen support for appropriate and timely use of antenatal and postnatal care: A review of reviews

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Burden of alcohol use disorders in China and the regions with different income levels over the world