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Global Health Epidemiology Research Group (GHERG)

Global Health Epidemiology Research Group (GHERG) is an extension of Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group (CHERG). GHERG aims to address global health issues in age groups beyond 0-4 years.

Similarly to CHERG (, the overall goal of GHERG is to develop and deploy new and improved evidence:
on the causes and determinants of morbidity and mortality among adolescents and adults in all world regions, on the importance of a broad range of risk factors, and on the effectiveness of public health interventions, to inform and influence global priorities and programs.
The main purposes of the GHERG are:

  • to publish papers, reports and reviews on global health epidemiology, with a special focus on identifying information of sufficient quality in low and middle-income countries and filling the gaps in information for regions where the data are very scarce and of insufficient quality;
  • to advise WHO and other international organizations on the most appropriate methods and assumptions for their global, regional and country level epidemiological estimates;
  • to advise researchers and public health officials on the different issues involved in the estimation of cause-specific morbidity and mortality.

The core members of GHERG are the editors and regional editors of the “Journal of Global Health”, who are all independent researchers working for the leading academic institutions. However, GHERG is open to everyone to contribute their data, methods and estimates, and it aims to serve global health community by providing unrestricted open access to its datasets, methods and publications, and continuously revising and updating global health estimates for a targeted set of conditions.